Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A sketchbook in hand, and no other plan: Mumbai

The chaos and palm trees
The sea and local trains,
 Smell of fish in her crammed streets;
 Sight and scent of heavy rains.

In this post are whole mismatch of some sketches I did during my short stay in an amazing, chaotic, flavourful, noisy, sometimes smelly, always alive city- Mumbai, Bombay, call it what you may.


A considerable amount of each day was spent in commute- although sometimes strenuous, I always looked forward to observing:

Obeserving people
Listening in on their conversations
A glimpse into their personal lives
Be it obnoxious men with mischievous eyes
Or big hipped, beautiful gossiping wives

Many late nights at the Wadala station
pushed and pulled amongst people 
rushing to make their connection.

(My most distinct memory is of this brave girl that smacked a guy that tried to harass her. She verbally and physically abused him, as the entire station cheered her on. This episode lasted less than two minutes, after which everything was back to the usual- rush, push, squeeze, settle.)

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ayan.Sengupta said...

Wah wah.....colors ne mast phoda....I like the loose sketchy feel. Reminds me of the hustle of crowd in Mumbai.