Monday, August 21, 2017

Family Time

This summer has been one of quality family time. I basked in the warmth of the safe, comfortable place called home. Not the physical space of a house, but the home-is-where-your-heart-is- kind of place. Here are some snapshots from my trip to the States:

This film begins at sunset.

Sleep is of essence on an overnight bus journey.

Cats. They make it a point to make sleep happen.

The working people of DC area squeezing in fun where they can.

Drab paperwork at the embassy is part an parcel of any "alien's" family holiday.

Treat yo' self with some delicious local, organic food.

Hair dresser by day, super mom by night.

Travel companion becomes a travel pillow. 
(On a side note, the guy here looks like Joe Satriani. If you don't know who that is:

Mom discovers binge watching with the help of netflix. 

Parallel parking is a joke here.

The woman in black at the National Portrait Gallery. 

Here are some tough ladies- they discuss quantum physics over drinks. I, on the other hand cannot.

Oh ya, and my wonderful sister married a wonderful man.