Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Goat Blues

The whole point of a 24 hour film, is that it be finished in 24 hours- a new concept, from start to finish, just to get that rusty tired mind doing something new and hopefully exciting, and be done with it within the stipulated period of time. HOWEVER, I got a little carried away with mine, and my conditions were very suitable to allow me to work on this piece leisurely.

This is how it started off:

I stole Eddie's deer designs and placed them on this unhappy octopus.

The deer turned to mountain goats (such fascinating creatures), and then this happened:


Goat Blues from Aparajita R on Vimeo.


Arthur Dent said...

Haha! This is awesome. So shall I assume the feisty goat was actually BATGOAT in disguise? ;-)

Agnes Salek said...

I want to see The Sound of music now....This is awesome.

Aminder Dhaliwal said...

hahaha niice

Janine Antolin said...

THAT'S FREAKING AWESOME. I want to see this fully animated. =D

Jen said...

ah ha ha ha ha Appu this is amazing!

Aparajita said...

yay! im so glad you guys like it :)