Thursday, July 25, 2013

Listening and learning

Last week I went to some Q&A sessions between creator and audience. Its very interesting to know their story and how they came up with the ideas, from concept to finish.

At an independent bookstore in Soho, there was a book promotion for a new memoir by theater director Jack o'Brien, co presented by Ethan Hawke (which was primarily the reason I went).
A couple of things o'Brien said that stuck with me- "Don't play the game, coz there is no game" and " what you love- you might be hungry, but at least you'll be happy"

Also, apparently Ethan Hawke is everywhere in New York, and it isn't a big deal- well, its a big deal for me and it was exciting. I tried to draw him, but failed (blame it on being star struck), here's a blurry phone photo as proof:

Nicolas Winding Refn, came to the Apple Store at Soho to talk about his recent film , Only God Forgives (which I'm yet to see). Contrary to his intense, violent films, Refn is a super chill guy that really seems to enjoy what he does. You can check out, where this talk and many more at that Apple Store are available for FREE!

Computer Chess came out last week! I watched it in a small theatre at an independent cinema, where there were dudes wearing hawaii shirts selling and stubbing tickets. As a bonus, director Andrew Bujalski came in at the end of the show for a little Q&A, along with the producer and one of the actors (who was very quiet and kept nodding in agreement of everything being said).

Events such as these, where the creator meets their audience keep ma' creativity flowing. Keep 'em coming New York!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Where did you go to: UglyBoy

I love him, but we are on a break.

[ This project is currently hibernating, staying away from the sun, cooling off under water ]