Friday, March 28, 2014

Sweaty Summer Itch

Thought I'd improvise on this doodle I found:

The colours and mood were inspired by the soon-to-come season of beaches, bright jewels and blazing sunshine a.k.a SUMMER.

Soon, all the leaves will be green, and our hair soaked in sweat.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ek Khidki-A Window

Here are some designs from this little project!

The entire process from concept to finish felt like a sewing project- picking and choosing different locations, character situations, fabric and music, and tailoring them together.

And here are some ladies...

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Some concept designs

These are some colour tests, background and character designs I did. It was supposed to be for a short animated commercial on winter sports.


Sunday, January 19, 2014

New york II- Dense city air

Summer in NYC is packed with people, and things to do-- live music, book readings, food, parks, plays and parades.

It was hard not to make constant references to films. Delving into the "New York culture" was a dreamy reality. Be it an NYPD cop car, the historic bridges, tiny statue of liberty (from a distance), the massive empire state building or little brick houses- I'd find myself stopped in the middle of a street, thinking, "Damn I'm in New York..."

Its not always exciting though. I once walked in, with high expectations, to a talk related to food. Granted, it was nearing the end, but the energy was very low- hovering around 1 or 2 in a scale of 100- and most of the sparse audience was asleep.

 At the Manhattan Mid-Town Library

 For the most part, the city did not disappoint. These are sketches from some of the music events I went to. 

First Friday Jazz Series- David Berkman 
at the Neighbourhood Church at Greenwich Village

Jazz Thursdays at the David Rubenstein Atrium 
I don't remember the name of this band, but their music was really cool, 
using many interesting instruments, long and short.

 Sussan Deyhim at The Standard
 Her vocals were arresting. The best part was a Moroccan singer (the one in the middle holding a guitar-like instrument) who accompanied her with a performance. His voice was so different from anything I've heard- soft, deep and full of power. The concert took place at a bar in the basement of a big Hotel. 
The event was free, yet the crowd elite- you don't see that often!

Lincoln Centre Out of Doors
 At a time, there was one musician and many instruments- some electronic, some acoustic. Accompanied by vocals, the sounds all came together, enveloping the big outdoor space and its inhabitants in an electric, electronic atmosphere! This paired very well with a glass of wine.

I also saw Devendra Banhart live, which was amazing!! The energy at the end of the concert was palpable. The audience summoned him back on stage with their incessant applause for an encore.

I managed to get into a summer stage event at central park, with Bobby McFerrin performing. Live music events are so much fun, especially with a good performer.

Big live concerts apart, I had the pleasure of witnessing a pretty awesome home basement performance...

"You do basic rhythm, I'll do rhythmic base." 

I leave you now with these...


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Royal Winter Fair 2013

Back at the Fair, after three years! Nothing like the heart warming smell of poop on a chilly day.

There was a lot of meandering -through the crowds of farm folks, enthusiastic children and adults, and the many stalls( either for or of the animals). There was also a lot of food sampling, and some amount of drawing...

The fair seemed a bit smaller- there were no chicken and turkey to be seen. I missed those colourful fellows in the rows of tiny little cages...

Farm fresh cheese and fruits...there was a new kind of apple sliced up for tasting. I don't remember what it was called, but the lady was very impressed with my apt description of its taste as a combination of the flavours of 2 other kinds of apples.

'Sassy' the cow's got the whole world on her back...

Doesn't the pattern on her back remind you of continents on the white expanse of the sea?

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I recently went to New York for an internship. At the risk of possibly over hyping this city, I venture to write about my summer.

As I was writing, I realized that the exciting people, events and stories from this summer were too many to fit into one blog post. And so, with the magic of internet and blogging, there will be more posts to follow!

It was my first in the city that I have heard and seen so much about, in movies, books, the news- romanticized and criticized.

Happy people, Sombre people, Tight dresses, Retro.

Subway rides are a good way to experience the population- energized tourists, sleepy locals, animated school groups, stinky hobos and many more.

Sometimes you just know when someone isn't from the city: 

Cowboys from down south

Some lunches were spent out in the grass in Washington Square Park, just a short walk from the studio where I worked. Common sights included: the fountain, the pigeon man, red sunbathers, a tap dancer and chess boards! It was an entire show, accompanied by background music, sometimes by a man in a green dress with a guitar.

Brick houses and arched doorways

This is a city that really never does sleep at night; every hour at every street, sometimes bubbling with energy, sometimes simmering. The late night transit is the best I've encountered at any big city.

Although the wait for the straggling service is painful, and one can feel the day's tiredness catch up, it brings out some very interesting people and situations.

During one of these late night/ early morning travels, when a train was indefinitely delayed, one subway musician shined. His music went from being just chords in the background, to the centerpiece of the platform. The commuters' frustration from the wait for the train was drowned by his tequila sunrise. Just as we began to climb the stairway to heaven, a light from the tunnel shone, the train came, and we all got in.
I wonder if someone stayed back to hear him sing....

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Shadows, colour and feet

 Experimenting with light and planes using tones and colour.

People and feet are interesting.