Tuesday, January 5, 2016

White, Gold and Serene

The Golden Temple- tourist spot for some, a second home for others. Heads shrouded, feet cleansed, we push forward through the mass and into the clear white. Other than the thick crowd lined up to see the inside of the temple, there were the walkers, talkers, listeners and snoozers- harbouring the area surrounding the main temple, settled in their spots- sunny or shaded.

The air peacefully carries the music being played, resonating throughout the temple. As I walk on with chilly feet on the cold marble, a different sound echoes in my ear. Three singers and their instruments, singing songs fresh and lively. I am drawn. Around them are laid some carpets, with people sitting- listening, not listening. I stand by them, stealing a moment of stillness, feeling the energy of the sun and sweet sound. I think to myself- this is it, nothing else matters. Then a woman shoves me aside, shaking me awake. I guess nothing else mattered to her either.

Meanwhile, there was this boy...