Saturday, July 23, 2016

Inside and out: at Kaivalyadham

A little over a year ago this time, my mom and I were exercising our body and mind, at a yoga centre in Lonavla, India. We spent a beautiful week at Kaivalyadham, drinking tea concoctions, eating wholesome food, interacting fondly with the happy people, grumbling secretly about the annoying ones. Each day involved two yoga sessions, some meditation in the evening and generally a lecture after dinner. There is a college of yoga attached to the centre, comprising of erect, sometimes somber, sometimes high spirited young students. The aura of calm seemed to have set in on the resident dogs as well.

Flower arrangement outside the admin office

While many of the others taking the course were busy getting oiled( inside and out- oil seeping in through their pores, oil seeping in through other holes), or caked with herbal powders, I spent my time walking/ reading within, writing about, and drawing the serene compound of quiet corridors, green gardens, cows and other life forms. There was also a tunnel you could walk through to find a school on the other side, and beyond that, lush hills. One squishy step at a time we climbed them, all the way to the top, where the vibrant green met the cloudy grey.

Plagued by the seriousness of my self, and doing things on my own, I at first intended on taking the course alone. However, I'm very glad my mom was interested and keen to go. She spearheaded the trip and having her around made it complete. The journey through the self might be a singular one, but I’ve come to realize, I like being alone together. I absolutely cherish our shared experience at Kaivalyadham. How else could this fantastic moment come about to be:

Monday, April 25, 2016

Are you Steve?

Ever had one of those moments when you’re so wrapped up in yourself that you respond out of turn? 
Sometimes, however, people just have strange responses to your responses.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

White, Gold and Serene

The Golden Temple- tourist spot for some, a second home for others. Heads shrouded, feet cleansed, we push forward through the mass and into the clear white. Other than the thick crowd lined up to see the inside of the temple, there were the walkers, talkers, listeners and snoozers- harbouring the area surrounding the main temple, settled in their spots- sunny or shaded.

The air peacefully carries the music being played, resonating throughout the temple. As I walk on with chilly feet on the cold marble, a different sound echoes in my ear. Three singers and their instruments, singing songs fresh and lively. I am drawn. Around them are laid some carpets, with people sitting- listening, not listening. I stand by them, stealing a moment of stillness, feeling the energy of the sun and sweet sound. I think to myself- this is it, nothing else matters. Then a woman shoves me aside, shaking me awake. I guess nothing else mattered to her either.

Meanwhile, there was this boy...