Sunday, January 19, 2014

New york II- Dense city air

Summer in NYC is packed with people, and things to do-- live music, book readings, food, parks, plays and parades.

It was hard not to make constant references to films. Delving into the "New York culture" was a dreamy reality. Be it an NYPD cop car, the historic bridges, tiny statue of liberty (from a distance), the massive empire state building or little brick houses- I'd find myself stopped in the middle of a street, thinking, "Damn I'm in New York..."

Its not always exciting though. I once walked in, with high expectations, to a talk related to food. Granted, it was nearing the end, but the energy was very low- hovering around 1 or 2 in a scale of 100- and most of the sparse audience was asleep.

 At the Manhattan Mid-Town Library

 For the most part, the city did not disappoint. These are sketches from some of the music events I went to. 

First Friday Jazz Series- David Berkman 
at the Neighbourhood Church at Greenwich Village

Jazz Thursdays at the David Rubenstein Atrium 
I don't remember the name of this band, but their music was really cool, 
using many interesting instruments, long and short.

 Sussan Deyhim at The Standard
 Her vocals were arresting. The best part was a Moroccan singer (the one in the middle holding a guitar-like instrument) who accompanied her with a performance. His voice was so different from anything I've heard- soft, deep and full of power. The concert took place at a bar in the basement of a big Hotel. 
The event was free, yet the crowd elite- you don't see that often!

Lincoln Centre Out of Doors
 At a time, there was one musician and many instruments- some electronic, some acoustic. Accompanied by vocals, the sounds all came together, enveloping the big outdoor space and its inhabitants in an electric, electronic atmosphere! This paired very well with a glass of wine.

I also saw Devendra Banhart live, which was amazing!! The energy at the end of the concert was palpable. The audience summoned him back on stage with their incessant applause for an encore.

I managed to get into a summer stage event at central park, with Bobby McFerrin performing. Live music events are so much fun, especially with a good performer.

Big live concerts apart, I had the pleasure of witnessing a pretty awesome home basement performance...

"You do basic rhythm, I'll do rhythmic base." 

I leave you now with these...