Tuesday, December 21, 2010

travelling on..

I absolutely love the feeling of getting on a plane, and going somewhere- be it a 1hour journey or a 10 hour one, or even 18 hours- the longer the flight, the more the food, at the cost of sleep, ofcourse.
I wait at Pearson for my flight to finally board, after an unexpected night of a cancelled flight and 3 movies and friends, and an expensive dinner- it only seems right to blog (since they have free wifi here, and its so cool to be seen working on a laptop).
We witnessed (my first) lunar eclipse on the way to the airport, truly wonderful.

Since I couldnt come up with anything right away, this seemed appropriate to post, something done a while ago, during those noisy summer nights in London.


Scott Forbes said...

Sounds like fun. The image is surreal!

Priya Shankar said...

Saw the eclipse also! SO beautiful.

I totally disagree though. i HATE flying. I get very,very nervous on turbulent flights too. haha I just took a 5 hour flight from NY to California and was miserable the entire time... I longed to jump into my bed and sleep haha.

Abhilasha Dewan said...

So beautiful!!!