Saturday, May 29, 2010

just keep swimming

It started off as a doodle for eddie (who now has a blog!)

I am still trying to absorb London, exploring as much as I can. It is great to be in a new place- so much to do so much to see, I almost forget I am alone. Working at Trunk has been very enjoyable. A link to some happy times.
There is some definite home sickness, but that's always bound to be there. So all I can do is soak up this lovely city while I'm here!

Today I saw a woman with a cd player- seemed worth mentioning.

Also, its very amusing that there are models of elephants all over this place.

...and here are some more elephants!


Eddie West said...

Aw, thanks i love it. especially the boots.. and the teeth

agnes said...

can i just point out that you plugged him in the post but didn't actually link him on the side? :)